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About Us


Who is JourneyRaine?


Darlene Watson Roberson began the JourneyRaine Collection based in Love, a deep desire to serve a cause, and to leave a legacy touching people’s lives –through the flickering of a flame.


Ingredients for the most enjoyable of scents without polluting the space.

Non-allergenic candles which can set a mood or bring you to that place of peace. One determined to help Alzheimer’s victims and their families, and establish a legacy of the love for her family…

Upon the birth of her Granddaughter, Journey, She found a name…


Journey Raine

JourneyRaine soy candles 

Not just a brand but a passion.

Every product is handmade with care.

Some of the product names will sound familiar..

Ayden's Apple

Khloe Berry

Aria Sunrise

Peppermint Raine


Zion Moon

Jaxson Avenue

Kyzen Street

These candles are named after her how can she not be proud of this collection!

…and remember part of the proceeds goes to  Alzheimer's Research.

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