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Spring/Summer Collection 8oz Tins
  • Spring/Summer Collection 8oz Tins




    Bourbon Bliss

    Peppercorn, Cardamon, Oak,Clary sage and clove Gives a combine scents of Rich and sticky sweet butterscotch.


    Brunch Vibes

    Citrus,cranberry,orange and davana..

    A toast to the good life!!


    Summer Vibes

    An elegant blend of soft florals with hints of

    orange, amber, sea-salt and musk


    Apple Bourbon

    Mouth watering, boozy scent made with apple, orange,

    cinnamon and vanilla


    Vintage Rose

    Roses with a hint of basil and grapefruit


    GA Peach

    Fresh peach with a hint of the tropical sun, makes for

    a delicious treat, mango and tonka bean round out this treat


    Weekend Getaway

    A tranquil beachside getaway, highlights of lemon,

    lime, bergamont and sea-salt


    Jaxson Avenue

    Inspired by The Night blooming moon flower.

    Its bloom will open your senses




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